Saturday, June 26, 2010

Michael Jackson Memorial Memorabilia

It's been just over a year since Michael Jackson's death. It is amazing to me how collectible and in demand his name still is. There is a lot of unique and interesting items out there along with the common collectible items, both of which are still highly sought after. Dolls, Beat It jackets, vinyl albums, autographs and even costume items continue to sell very well on eBay.

One of the more valuable items still being offered are the bracelets (wristbands), tickets and program brochure from the memorial service. Of course, these are very limited and serious MJ fans and collectors aren't likely to part with theirs if they were fortunate enough to win the lottery for the service.

Framed MJ Memorial Service Pieces

One such lucky person was "Ulisses from Los Angeles" who was chosen and invited as a guest by the AEG (Anschultz Entertainment Group) and he was kind enough to share his memorial service program with us. He was smart in having his professionally framed. (the man in the picture is not Ulisses, it's the framer)

Framed MJ Memorial Service Brochure, Wristband and Ticket

The framing was done with UV archival glass and was done with complete air sealing to prevent air from entering the frame. The items were placed on a black suede matting with a gold and blue suede matting on top of it. This will last many generations and will display nicely anywhere.

Simply beautiful!This is exactly how a collectible like this should be handled. And sorry, it's not for sale! I just wanted to share it with everybody. Thanks again Ulisses, I hope you get many years of enjoyment from your King of Pop collectible!

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