Sunday, February 28, 2010

Michael Jackson Captain EO Collectibles Surge

Michael Jackson Collectors are seeking classic Disney EO memorabilia from the Michael Jackson short film "Captain EO" (in 3-D) that Disneyland showed from 1987-1994. The attraction was always very popular but was closed after 4 years of child molestation charges and media gossip hype.

The film is being shown in the Tomorrowland Theater and Disney says it will offer the show as long as it remains popular. I would imagine it will be a huge success this summer and beyond, particularly around the anniversary of MJ's death and his birthday not far after that.

Captain EO Film Clip

The Captain EO memorabilia from 87-94 has always been of interest to collectors and hobbyists alike and with the reopening of the show the sales of these pieces has skyrocketed! Items such as "Hooter the Elephant" pins, "Fuzzball" plush toys (Michael Jackson's companion during the film), Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and other original items purchased at Disneyland from this attraction. There is already a new souvenir button and shirt design available for purchase to visitors of the Disneyland show and collectors and fans are already scrambling for these!

Captain EO Logo at Disneyland

The Captain EO DVD is available for purchase but lets face it, there's nothing like watching this 3-D mini movie at the Disney theatre with the incredible sound and screen! I think Disneyland's Captain EO attraction is going to be showing for a good while. I've never seen it. Have you?

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