Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Michael Jackson New Thriller Figure

Have you seen the new Hot toys Michael Jackson Thriller figure? This collectible doll is scheduled for release sometime in mid November. It's really quite a work of art. Check out the detail in the face! This 1/6 scale figure will come in a set with both the regular and monster heads. It even has an extra torn coat for displaying the monster mode!

Michael Jackson Thriller 1:6 scale action figure Michael Jackson Hot Toys new Thriller Figure Close up face

This new figure is much nicer than the old dolls Hot Toys released in the 80's. It even appears to be nicer than the Billie Jean doll, which is actually a very nice figure! I never really cared for any of the vintage Thriller figures out there but this one is going to make up for that!

Michael Jackson Thriller Figure with monster head Michael Jackson Hot Toys Thriller Monster Figure

There's little doubt this piece of Jackson memorabilia will be sold out before Christmas. Many sellers on eBay are taking pre-orders on these MJ figures which I think is the best route to go. Other wise you'll be paying a small fortune for these figures if you want one in time for Christmas.

Michael Jackson Thriller Hot Toys one sixth scale 12 inch figure Michael Jackson New Hot Toys Thriller 1/6 Scale 12 inch figure

I think anyone can see that this piece is a must have for any collection! If the doll looks as good "in hand" as it does in the pictures this may set a new higher standard for detail in these 12 inch collectibles! I think Michael Jackson would be pleased with this Hot Toys figure.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Program Book

The Program book, tickets and wristband from the Michael Jackson memorial service are the latest and hottest Jackson collectibles being offered for sale. It seems that many people are selling the entire kit or at least a few pieces in order to pay for their expenses for the event. It's a little weird but at the same time it makes sense. It's as if they got to attend for free, without any keepsakes or memorabilia. People came from all over the country, in fact, the world, to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA where the memorial service was held.

These items could turn out to be quite valuable to Michael Jackson collectors and fans in the not too distant future. When you consider that there were only about 8,000 people who attended, that's not a lot of programs in the scope of things. Approximately 1.6 million people signed up for the lottery to attend. About 30 million viewed the memorial service on TV. That's a lot of interest. Supposing that all 8,000 Michael Jackson memorial service program books, tickets and wristbands survive the ravages of time and age, that's still a very rare item with a huge demand!

Michael Jackson Memorial Book, Wristband & Ticket with email

The prices sellers are getting for these collectibles are varied from as low as $25 for a torn or stained ticket to $400 for a mint condition set. A set being the program book, ticket and wristband. Of course, most of these items are found on eBay and it seems a lot of inexperienced sellers set their items to end at odd times, like 3 or 4 Am. Since there's nobody up at that time shopping, these items sold really cheap to a lucky few! But I doubt that will last as people get smarter! (I wasn't one of the lucky ones!)

As with all collectibles though, what is it really worth? It's always up to the collector, quite often the sentimental value weighing in more than the monetary. However, with the Michael Jackson memorial service programs, I think this is one item that will always have some decent monetary value. It's just so scarce and the "King of Pop" legend is not going away any time soon.

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Ticket

Adding any of these pieces, the program book, wristband or ticket to a Michael Jackson collection will visually and emotionally enhance the display. I said it earlier, it can be precieved a little strange, but just think about it. At the most only 8,000 people in the world can have a full kit. And you know that isn't going to happen. It's going to be more like 3,000. And that's quite rare!

Michael Jackson Memorial Staples Center Ticket and Wristband
I didn't even apply for the lottery as it would not have been possible for me to attend anyway. I never even thought about these programs until they were starting to surface on eBay. I think the biggest reason they have become so popular is because they are actually nice. The color booklet is beautiful with nice pictures and the gold wristband and ticket are classy too. I'm hoping to get my Michael Jackson memorial program book, wristband and ticket, the whole kit! I can't afford a "mint condition" set but I'm working on getting one piece at a time. It's going to be one MJ memorabilia collectible I'll treasure it for a long time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Jackson Concert Tour Jackets

Back in the 80's Michael Jackson concert t-shirts were everywhere. But only the really cool people had Micahel Jackson tour jackets! What that really means it only the people with money had those coats and jackets. They were pretty cool though. Most of them were very high quality and made of leather, at least partially.

It's amazing how fast we outgrow the desire to sport such clothing when at one time it meant everything to us. It was our way of self expression and support to our musical hero Michael Jackson. But eventually we out grew that passion and gave up wearing the jacket. Often because we literally outgrew the jacket too!

Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour Jacket Front
Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour Jacket Close up Eyes
Because we paid so much for these jackets we didn't pitch them, nor did we part with them. We stuck them in a box and then stored it in the attic or garage. Thousands of us did that. With the passing of Michael Jackson many people are digging out those old vintage tour jackets from the Thriller and Bad years. Even the Vicotry and Dangerous concert tours were a long time ago!

These jackets are now in great demand and people are selling their once cherished tour jackets in order to make a few bucks and get back their invenstment. This is simply outstanding news for us collectors! Never before has there been so many of these collectible Michael Jackson tour jackets from various concerts available. It's a MJ memorabilia dream come true and it will likely never be this good again.

Michael Jackson Dangerous suede tour jacket back
Not only are the various concert tour jackets available but the selection is so good right now that finding your size is not all that difficult when just a few months ago you likely had to settle for what was offered if you wanted one that fit you. Yes, they are a little overpriced, but not when you consider you can actually get what you need for your collection, and find one that fits and is in good condition, and that there will never be another Michael Jackson "memorabilia buffet" like there is right now!

Michael Jackson Bad Tour Jacket Front

So if you're into the MJ touring jackets, start shopping now! Take a look at what's out there and if you find what you want, grab it while you can. A tour jacket, especially the quality leather ones, is a fantastic piece of memorabilia for any collection. They look fantastic hanging beside your other Michael Jackson keepsakes and give any display a touch of class, just like the cool kids who wore them back in the 80's and 90's!
Michael jackson Smooth Criminal  Roadie Tour Jacket

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson Moon Walk Book

In 1988 the Michael Jackson "Moon Walk" book was published. This was Jackson's autobiography and it was an instant hit. Today it is in great demand once again, especially the first edition as it's truly a collector item and a great piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia for any fan or collection.

Moon Walk Book Front Dust Cover
The book went through a lot of changes from it's inception. Originally written my a man named Robert Hillburn and completely scrapped. Then another guy named Steve Davis took a stab at it. Although not technically scrapped, Michael Jackson edited it so much that he might as well have written it himself from the beginning.

Two interesting facts about the book are that Jacqueline K Onassis did the final edit and intro and "The King of Pop" dedicated Moon Walk to Fred Astaire.

Surprisingly a lot of these Moon Walk books for sale are autographed! Of course, any book signed by Michael Jackson is going to sell for a lot more. Generally, these books, first edition are selling for $75.00-$150.00, depending on the condition. Signed, autographed first edition versions are generally fetching around $200.00, some pristine pieces as much as $400.00.
Michael Jackson autobiography Moon Walk Open
Like all of the nice memorabilia for sale, there's plenty of it right now. It's a great time to buy Michael Jackson collectibles. It's never been better and it will never be this good again. Once these vintage items are gone, like the first edition Moonwalk books, they will be extremely hard to get. And yes, they are selling, very fast! People are truly taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to start a Michael Jackson collection or add items to their existing display.

While the selection of these books and other collectors merchandise is no doubt at it's height, and it's the best time ever to get in on the action, it's still just all so sad it had to happen this way. RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Moon Walk Book

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Swimming

Just wanted to post this picture of Michael Jackson swimming. Actually as you can see he's not swimming but rather just in a swimsuit. But he's soak and wet and probably was swimming!

The point of posting this is for one, I've never seen this picture. Obviously taken in the 80's but have no idea where. I cannot believe how handsome this young man is! Very fit and with a spectacular smile. For the life of me I cannot understand why he did what he did to himself, his face!

If it were mine I wouldn't have touched a thing. I'd have to say God did a pretty good job on this young man, wouldn't you? Well anyway, this is the Michael most of us want to remember and likely will.

Michael Jackson Figures & Dolls in Demand

The Michael Jackson toy figures and dolls from the 1980's are the hottest thing going right now! I am truly amazed that supply is keeping up with demand for these doll figures! A good many of these collectible figures are in terrific shape, if not still in the boxes! Of course, most are found on eBay. That's probably your best bet for the best deal and finding the particular Michael Jackson doll you want for your collection.

I cannot remember if these dolls were more for kids or if adults bought them too back in the 80's. At any rate, they are great pieces of memorabilia to have today. Like all the other collectible vintage Michael Jackson merchandise for sale lately, it's coming from people who are cleaning out their garages and attics in search of this stuff. They are motivated to selling knowing they will get a few bucks for almost anything MJ related.

Michael Jackson Dancing Doll Figure Vintage Figures 80's Hot Toys one sixth scale Michael Jackson Billie Jean

But the real winners are us, the collectors. While most of this stuff is a little over priced, it's not ridiculous and being able to find whatever I want has got me drooling on a daily basis! Doll, figures and statues that were not anywhere to be found over the past couple years are easily found now, and that's well worth a little bit of price inflation.

This truly is the best time ever to buy these figures of Michael Jackson vintage dolls. In a few short months, possibly sooner, this vintage merchandise will be in very limited supply and replaced with new, commercially motivated items. Most of which will never be very collectible or valuable in my opinion. Yes, there will be some very nice figures and busts coming out, but the true vintage Jackson dolls and action figures from the 80's are irreplaceable.

Michael Jackson Figure Doll Gold Exclusive Michael Jackson Dolls Michael Jackson Grammy Awards Action Figure Doll

What's nice about these dolls, especially now so soon after his death, is that they are not fake. There hasn't been enough time to put out the fakes and besides, these dolls are easily discerned. Just look around at pictures and you can tell. All that packaging would have to be faked too and I doubt the frenzy is going to last long enough for that to happen. (for dolls, that is)

If you've been wanting to add to your collection or just want a piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia, consider a toy doll! Find one that you like, one that represents Billie Jean or Thriller for example, and buy it while you can! It will make a nice "King of Pop" keepsake for years to come.

**Check out this video of MJ dolls from the 80's to present!**

Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson Collectible Magazines

Have you seen any of the new special edition magazines featuring Michael Jackson? They are starting to come out in groves now! Commemorative Time, Newsweek, People and many others are hitting the stands. These are certainly nice to own but have you noticed the vintage Michael Jackson magazines out there, especially on eBay? Wow! It's like a buffet out there for us Michael Jackson collectors!

Michael Jackson Early 1971 on Cover Life Magazine with Jackson Five
I'm lovin' it. People are just cleaning out their old junk draweres, garages etc in search of these old magazines in order to make a few bucks and it's us collectors who are getting the real deals! While it's true that a lot of them are overpriced, it's also true that the selection has never been better. It's never even been close to this and therefore you can get what you want or need for your collection.

I've seen some very rare Jackson Five magazine covers too, from the early 70's which I've never seen before. Even though the 80's were saturated with Michael Jackson headlines and magazines, there were some rare issues and they are being made available. I've also replaced a few of my magazines with ones that were in much better shape.

I've always liked magazines for a collection. They add to the timeline in a way that nothing else can. The pictures inside magazines are generally of very good quality and there's lots of them. The ads represent the time period and there's always dates if not on every page, at least a few and in the ads.

A magazine can be held and looked at and I suppose it's the idea that you can read it that makes me enjoy them so much as part of my Michael Jackson collection. It's really cool when someone sees my display, comments on it and walks over, picks up the magazine and reads it. I think it makes the collection more magical.

Michael Jackson Ebony magazine 2007 final Interview
There has truly never been a better time to find a Michael Jackson magazine for your collection. Are you taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson Thriller vinyl LP Album

Do you remember when Thriller came out back in, what was it, 1982? Most of you reading this don't remember that, but for those of you who do, it was a pretty cool time in music. MTV had just gotten started and that in itself was just way over the top! CD's where in their infancy and this brings me to the topic of the Thriller album and it's value as a collectible.

Michael Jackson Thriller LP opened display
First, it's not likely that these albums, even if the shrink wrap is still on, will make you rich. At most you can expect $100.00. Most albums, opened and played but in great shape are going for between $20.00-$50.00. There were just too many produced. However, as a piece of memorabilia, which is what collections are really about, it's priceless!

Thriller was a huge success and it was the last monster success for any artist before CD's took over. This makes it unique, in my opinion and why I think every Michael Jackson collection should have the Thriller album, one of the original 1982 -84 vinyl 33-1/3 rpm lps, proudly displayed

Epic Thriller LP Close up Center Front

There are a lot of these old records for sale now as folks are cleaning out their attics in hopes of making a few bucks on their "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" albums. The ones who benefit the most are collectors like myself and you! These folks are giving up something very unique, not just a record, but a time period. An American icon. A transitional period in the music indurstry. Pre-AOL....heck it was pre-internet and pre-windows! Collecting is about memories and time gone by and the Thriller album does all of that.

So go ahead people, you keep on cleaning out those old boxes of Michael Jackson merchandise and let us collectors have a go at it! I've never seen a better time to buy "The King of Pop" collectibles. The selection right now is like an open buffet! I doubt if they'll be re-filling this buffet though. Get em while you can!

Michael Jackson Posters