Friday, October 23, 2009

Michael Jackson Toy Dolls & Figures Video

The Michael Jackson toy dolls and action figures haven't lost any steam amongst collectors seeking memorabilia from "The King of Pop" since the buying frenzy began within hours of his death. These vintage MJ dolls are still one of the most sought after Jackson collectibles today!

Check out this interesting video of the many MJ dolls and statues produced from the early 80's up to the present. Beat it dolls, Billie Jean, The grammy awards figures and many other versions and styles inbetween. There are some customized, home made versions that are quite interesting to say the least...Enjoy!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Michael Jackson Costume Pieces

Creating your own Michael Jackson costume and finding all the pieces and props in time for your Halloween party is part of the thrill of constructing your own masterpiece. It's also the only way to get lots of compliments and win contests! And you can bet there will be plenty of Michael Jackson costumes out there this trick or treat season!

Going as the "king of pop" is a great way to pay tribute and it's also a fun costume to make. Over the decades, MJ had a handful of very recognizable dress themes for particular albums, songs or videos. You need only find a good picture, easily done by Googling in Michael Jackson and the name of the song. The attire consists mostly of a shirt, pants, shoes, hair style, hat and vest. Give or take, depending on the look.

Michael Jackson Face Close Up

Michael Jackson Face Close Up

Here's a good tip that's often overlooked. Take a good look at his face! His eyes and brows in particular, and even the lips. By adding the eyeliner and shaping the brows like his, you really add a subtle and recognizable feature to your costume! Be sure to darken or lighten your skin accordingly, depending on the photo or time period. The hair is another thing that changes between albums and videos so be sure to pay attention to that.

The best place to start looking is your local thrift store. You should be able to find a few pieces of costume clothing or props there for very cheap! But finding your entire costume there will be difficult, especially as Halloween approcaches. The next best place is eBay. You will surely find a good selection there and more variety in sizes for shirts, pants and vests. There will likely be more choices in women's clothing too.

Michael Jackson Beat It Outfit Face Close Up Michael Jackson Beat It Clothes Michael Jackson Beat It Outfit

Some of the most popular mental images we have of Michael Jackson for a costume would be from The Beat It and Billie Jean videos. These are terrific Michael Jackson costume ideas and finding the costume pieces for the outfits shouldn't be too difficult. Of course, for the Beat It costume you'll need the Red Beat It jacket for sure. If you can find that, you've practically won the battle!

For the Billie Jean costume you'll need the Black Fedora hat and White sequin glove. The rest is fairly easy and you shouldn't have trouble finding those other costume pieces of clothing. There's the Military look from the 90's and of course the Thriller monster.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Costume Dress
Billie Jean Video Outfit

For those that prefer to skip the work of making a costume, there will be plenty of Complete MJ costumes and masks available too! You might not win any contests with these but you can still get in on the Michael Jackson Halloween fun this year with a ready made costume!

Whatever you choose, have fun with it. That's what Halloween is all about. And by all means, especially if you are making your own costume, get started now! There's nothing worse than being almost complete with a week left, only to find out that one single piece you need cannot be found! So get moving on your Michael Jackson costume and Happy Halloween!

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