Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Figures & Dolls in Demand

The Michael Jackson toy figures and dolls from the 1980's are the hottest thing going right now! I am truly amazed that supply is keeping up with demand for these doll figures! A good many of these collectible figures are in terrific shape, if not still in the boxes! Of course, most are found on eBay. That's probably your best bet for the best deal and finding the particular Michael Jackson doll you want for your collection.

I cannot remember if these dolls were more for kids or if adults bought them too back in the 80's. At any rate, they are great pieces of memorabilia to have today. Like all the other collectible vintage Michael Jackson merchandise for sale lately, it's coming from people who are cleaning out their garages and attics in search of this stuff. They are motivated to selling knowing they will get a few bucks for almost anything MJ related.

Michael Jackson Dancing Doll Figure Vintage Figures 80's Hot Toys one sixth scale Michael Jackson Billie Jean

But the real winners are us, the collectors. While most of this stuff is a little over priced, it's not ridiculous and being able to find whatever I want has got me drooling on a daily basis! Doll, figures and statues that were not anywhere to be found over the past couple years are easily found now, and that's well worth a little bit of price inflation.

This truly is the best time ever to buy these figures of Michael Jackson vintage dolls. In a few short months, possibly sooner, this vintage merchandise will be in very limited supply and replaced with new, commercially motivated items. Most of which will never be very collectible or valuable in my opinion. Yes, there will be some very nice figures and busts coming out, but the true vintage Jackson dolls and action figures from the 80's are irreplaceable.

Michael Jackson Figure Doll Gold Exclusive Michael Jackson Dolls Michael Jackson Grammy Awards Action Figure Doll

What's nice about these dolls, especially now so soon after his death, is that they are not fake. There hasn't been enough time to put out the fakes and besides, these dolls are easily discerned. Just look around at pictures and you can tell. All that packaging would have to be faked too and I doubt the frenzy is going to last long enough for that to happen. (for dolls, that is)

If you've been wanting to add to your collection or just want a piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia, consider a toy doll! Find one that you like, one that represents Billie Jean or Thriller for example, and buy it while you can! It will make a nice "King of Pop" keepsake for years to come.

**Check out this video of MJ dolls from the 80's to present!**


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  2. i have a vintage michael jackson doll...perfect condition and in box......gonna get rid of it soon.....

  3. I have one of the Superstar of the 80's dolls (American Music Awards) and I'm looking to sell it, but I'd love to get a recommendation for a good starting price for eBay. I haven't been able to find a listing in any collectible books for the value of the doll.

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, you can email me at: missywuzhere223 @ (w/o the spaces).

  4. I have several michael jackson vintage dolls still in their boxes that i am looking to sell if anyone is interested contact me at

  5. i have a michael jackson posable doll in box with extra clothes for sale for a hundred dollars its the one of him in the red outfit


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