Saturday, November 21, 2009

5 High Value Michael Jackson Collectibles Purchased on Ebay

The valuable high priced Jackson collectible memorabilia continutes to sell on a daily basis and I thought I'd list 5 that I found interesting. These pieces are from eBay auctions and are just a sampling of the hundreds of high ticket items that continue to come out of the woodwork and amazingly sell very quickly!

I didn't list any of the personal belongings of Michael Jackson from Neverland. We're seeing more and more of those type collectibles trickling in as time goes on but these are more trademark Jackson memorabilia items. The vintage and collectible dolls are still holding their value quite well and are still a very hot item! I particularly like the "one of a kind" dolls that some very talented artists are putting out. I may even do a post on just the OOAK dolls in the future.

These valuable pieces are not a "top five" list. They are just 5 items I chose that are somewhat unique and representative of what's selling for the big bucks as far as MJ collectibles. There are close to 100 collectible items that have sold for more than $10,000 on eBay since his death!

Michael Jackson Autogrpahed White Fedora Hat - Winning Bid $2742.47

Michael Jackson Autographed White Fedora Hat

This Smooth Criminal white fedora hat was autographed in 2002 by Michael Jackson and given as a gift to his general manager Dieter Weisner. (Was Jackson's manager from 1996-2003) The hat is one of the originals that Michael had in stock for performances or very special gifts. It's 100% wool made exclusively for him by Pacific/Dorfman with his name in gold letters on the inside band. It's doubtful that he wore this hat for any performances, possibly a few times just around town or the house. It is perfect mint condition. Congratulations to the lucky winner of this auction!

Michael Jackson Signed 1992 Dangerous Tour Jacket - Winning Bid $7,877.00

Signed MJ Dangerous Tour Jacket Michael Jackson Signature on Dangerous Tour Jacket Sleeve

This Jacket is an authentic Michael Jackson worn jacket that was given to a relative of a tour promoter. It was in Bucharest that this jacket was signed and given to the owner. It is interesting that following the signature it reads 1998.

MJ also signed his autobiography book "Moon Walk" in the same way on one of his drawings even though the book was released in 1988. Some say that his turning 40 in 98 may have been the reason but it's never really been revealed why he signed the book's drawing that way. It's uncertain how many autogrpahs he signed with thtat date too! At any rate, this is a beautiful collectible, especially knowing it was worn by The King of Pop!

Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour Custom Doll - Winning Bid $810.00

Custom Made One of a Kin MJ Doll from DAngerous Tour Michael Jackson Dangerous OOAK Doll Body & Head Dangerous Doll Full View Standing

This one of a kind Michael Jackson figure is a true labor of love by the artist! Everything from the face to the outfit is delecate, detailed and hand crafted. Painted, sewn, cut and measured it's hard to imagine how much work went into this figure! It is a very accurate reproduction of the Dangerous outfit. Beads and all!

I cannot even imagine having the patience to create such a detailed piece let alone have the talent to do so, and then to give it up! This artist said that it was the only Dangerous doll that would be done and that it took weeks of long hours of work to complete. This doll is truly "one of a kind" and is going to look great on someone's display of Jackson memorabillia!

Michael Jackson's First Motown Employee ID Pass Card - Winning Bid $6,888.88

Michael Jackson's First Motown Employee ID Pass Card

This ID card was issued to Michael Jackson right after signing with Motown. This gave him access to the Motown recording facilities complex. What a great piece of memorabilia! A one of a kind piece from the Jackson Five years. This would look great displayed by some of those old Motown singles! Congratulations to this winner!

Michael Jackson Signed Fender Strat with Custom Airbrushed Artwork - Winning Bid $6,999.99

Michael jackson Signed Fender Stratocaster w/Custom Airbrush

This white body Fender Strat was signed by Michael Jackson in Blue sharpie ink and looks great against the body of the guitar! After his death the owner had it professionally airbrushed and specially laminated for lifetime preservation of the signature and artwork. It was PSA/DNA authenticated and certified. A pretty nice piece of Jackson memorabilia to have hanging in the background of your diaplay! (Way out of reach of children!)


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