Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson Moon Walk Book

In 1988 the Michael Jackson "Moon Walk" book was published. This was Jackson's autobiography and it was an instant hit. Today it is in great demand once again, especially the first edition as it's truly a collector item and a great piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia for any fan or collection.

Moon Walk Book Front Dust Cover
The book went through a lot of changes from it's inception. Originally written my a man named Robert Hillburn and completely scrapped. Then another guy named Steve Davis took a stab at it. Although not technically scrapped, Michael Jackson edited it so much that he might as well have written it himself from the beginning.

Two interesting facts about the book are that Jacqueline K Onassis did the final edit and intro and "The King of Pop" dedicated Moon Walk to Fred Astaire.

Surprisingly a lot of these Moon Walk books for sale are autographed! Of course, any book signed by Michael Jackson is going to sell for a lot more. Generally, these books, first edition are selling for $75.00-$150.00, depending on the condition. Signed, autographed first edition versions are generally fetching around $200.00, some pristine pieces as much as $400.00.
Michael Jackson autobiography Moon Walk Open
Like all of the nice memorabilia for sale, there's plenty of it right now. It's a great time to buy Michael Jackson collectibles. It's never been better and it will never be this good again. Once these vintage items are gone, like the first edition Moonwalk books, they will be extremely hard to get. And yes, they are selling, very fast! People are truly taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to start a Michael Jackson collection or add items to their existing display.

While the selection of these books and other collectors merchandise is no doubt at it's height, and it's the best time ever to get in on the action, it's still just all so sad it had to happen this way. RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Moon Walk Book


  1. I think I own a special copy of Moon Walk, 1988 edition.....where can a find another issue to compare the first blank pages and title page to see if they are the same as mine?

  2. lol at anonymous. Just look at the first page and look at the publication year.. smartass.

  3. i have the same book and looking at it rite now but if someone would like to have one i will sell mine in good condition.....

  4. i own moon walk by Michael Jackson 1988 first edition with Autographey and a picture draw by michael jacson in 1998

  5. I have a copy of Michael Jackson's moon walk it's for sale if you would like to buy it.

    1. Is it hand signed or facsimile signed?

  6. I have the moon walk book published in 1988 it's for sale.

  7. I have a signed micheal Jackson moon walking book also with a drawing of micheal jackson signed by hiself


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