Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson Collectible Magazines

Have you seen any of the new special edition magazines featuring Michael Jackson? They are starting to come out in groves now! Commemorative Time, Newsweek, People and many others are hitting the stands. These are certainly nice to own but have you noticed the vintage Michael Jackson magazines out there, especially on eBay? Wow! It's like a buffet out there for us Michael Jackson collectors!

Michael Jackson Early 1971 on Cover Life Magazine with Jackson Five
I'm lovin' it. People are just cleaning out their old junk draweres, garages etc in search of these old magazines in order to make a few bucks and it's us collectors who are getting the real deals! While it's true that a lot of them are overpriced, it's also true that the selection has never been better. It's never even been close to this and therefore you can get what you want or need for your collection.

I've seen some very rare Jackson Five magazine covers too, from the early 70's which I've never seen before. Even though the 80's were saturated with Michael Jackson headlines and magazines, there were some rare issues and they are being made available. I've also replaced a few of my magazines with ones that were in much better shape.

I've always liked magazines for a collection. They add to the timeline in a way that nothing else can. The pictures inside magazines are generally of very good quality and there's lots of them. The ads represent the time period and there's always dates if not on every page, at least a few and in the ads.

A magazine can be held and looked at and I suppose it's the idea that you can read it that makes me enjoy them so much as part of my Michael Jackson collection. It's really cool when someone sees my display, comments on it and walks over, picks up the magazine and reads it. I think it makes the collection more magical.

Michael Jackson Ebony magazine 2007 final Interview
There has truly never been a better time to find a Michael Jackson magazine for your collection. Are you taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity?


  1. anyone interested in Jackson Five on cover of Jet Magazine (June 24, 1976)? Their summer TV Debut on Joey Bishop Show!

  2. Hopefully someone will contact you for that. A nice collectible to have for an avid Jackson fan. You could probably sell that on eBay pretty easily.

  3. Anyone interested in a Michael Jackson Memorial Book with Nokia Center Wristband(Silver), I have 4 Memorial books. I was going to find a nice picture of Michael and out a memorial book with my voucher and wristband and my other Michael Jackson Newspapers from the edges of the Memorial. I still might sell 1 or 2.


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