Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Michael Jackson New Thriller Figure

Have you seen the new Hot toys Michael Jackson Thriller figure? This collectible doll is scheduled for release sometime in mid November. It's really quite a work of art. Check out the detail in the face! This 1/6 scale figure will come in a set with both the regular and monster heads. It even has an extra torn coat for displaying the monster mode!

Michael Jackson Thriller 1:6 scale action figure Michael Jackson Hot Toys new Thriller Figure Close up face

This new figure is much nicer than the old dolls Hot Toys released in the 80's. It even appears to be nicer than the Billie Jean doll, which is actually a very nice figure! I never really cared for any of the vintage Thriller figures out there but this one is going to make up for that!

Michael Jackson Thriller Figure with monster head Michael Jackson Hot Toys Thriller Monster Figure

There's little doubt this piece of Jackson memorabilia will be sold out before Christmas. Many sellers on eBay are taking pre-orders on these MJ figures which I think is the best route to go. Other wise you'll be paying a small fortune for these figures if you want one in time for Christmas.

Michael Jackson Thriller Hot Toys one sixth scale 12 inch figure Michael Jackson New Hot Toys Thriller 1/6 Scale 12 inch figure

I think anyone can see that this piece is a must have for any collection! If the doll looks as good "in hand" as it does in the pictures this may set a new higher standard for detail in these 12 inch collectibles! I think Michael Jackson would be pleased with this Hot Toys figure.


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